Ki, Personal Business


Ki is believed to be an active principle forming part of any living thing. I chose this name for my company because I identify myself as a cheerful and energetic person. The graphics are the key feature in all of my products. Everything is made with resistant materials and high-quality production systems, which prolongs the products’ lifetime to its maximum potential while maintaining an Eco-friendly design.

All proposed designs are original, and they are grouped under two main branches: cartoons and patterns, the latter being generated by the geometry or morphology of plants and animals.

Each product is promoted through photos on the official Ki fan page. In addition, I work with local distributors, and I try to participate in design fairs that take place around Cuenca. Thanks to the design workshop of my parents, I learned to manipulate technological tools for product realization, such as laser cutting, adhesive printing, and digital printing, among others. I industrialize the process so that the costs are not high and that the products are accessible to the public. My main goal is to offer a holistic, beautiful and quality product.

A brief look, soon new products